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Eb-1 IV Petitions;
Eb-2 NIW Petitions;
Eb-5 IV Petitions;
O-1 NIV Petitions;
H-1B NIV Petitions;
H-2B NIV Petitions;
H-3 NIV Petitions;
I-1 NIV Petitions;
L-1A & L-1B NIV Petitions;
E-1 & E-2 NIV Petitions;
E-3 NIV Petitions;
TN NIV Petitions;
P and Q NIV Petitions;
I-601 & I-601A Waivers;
J-1 Waivers;
I-130/I-485/I-129F Packages;
K-1 and K-3 Visa Petitions;
National Visa Center Packages;
RESPONSES TO RFEs; and more.

Professional and Ethical Paralegal Services to Law Firms and In-House Law Departments of US Corporations

Services & Fees

Our fee schedule is just an email away and available only to attorneys licensed to practice law in the United States. We do not provide services or our fee schedule to the general public. Please send us an email at with your law office name, address and telephone number (so that we may verify that you are an attorney) and we will, within 1 business day (often sooner), email you our (flat-fee, per case) fee schedule.